Water the fountain of life



When to water in the summer

As we’ve had a couple of really hot days this month, we might be tricked into thinking that Summer is upon us, and then it rains. I think we’ve got a bit more Spring to do yet, but Summer isn’t far away – so it’s important to make sure that your lawn and any garden plants are looked after in the heat to keep them looking their best.

So, let’s start with lawn care – as that is what we excel at. Now, ideally, we want to have lawn grass that is short (but not too short), lush and green. We can keep the grass the required length for you (call for a quote if you’re not an existing customer) and we’ll give you some top tips now to keep it looking lush and green.

Grass is a plant – and plants need water to live. Most of the year, your lawn will be able to sustain itself by sourcing water from the ground and drawing it up to grow the grass shoots – but in times of extreme heat, it needs an extra bit of help.


Watering your garden when the weather has cooled a little – or before it gets hot is ideal- so earlier in the morning or in the early Summer evening – and then, rather than drenching the garden, you should water with a lighter spray, allowing the water to penetrate the ground and soak in. You don’t necessarily need to water the lawn every day – a good watering every couple of days should suffice.


Now, watering your plants is a bit different – and if you have plants in pots or hanging baskets (see our earlier blog about hanging baskets if you’ve not made yours yet) then these might need additional watering the extreme heat – possibly twice a day, as they don’t have access to water from the soil. Again, it’s best to do it before it gets hot or when it’s cooled down, so that you don’t cook the plants when the sun gets onto them – and for pots/baskets, a good drenching is fine – although you might want to be careful if you have young plants or delicate plants like Verbena/Petunia as they can be easily damaged by high pressured water. Use a watering can for ease if you’re able to.


Ultimately, if your plants are looking a bit sorry for themselves in the heat, they probably need a drink – so help them out with some water, before they give up completely!