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Spring around the corner

January has now all but gone, the phone is ringing, people are looking for quotes, starting to think about being organised for the start of the season. Winter has been so mild the grass has continued to grow slowly all winter, the result is the grass is longer than usual at this time of year.

It is important that the grass doesn’t get too long before you cut it for the first time this year, as this will not only be messy but will most likely make the grass look more yellow. If the grass is already long just top it off and gradually reduce the height of cut as we move into Spring. The nutrients in the soil will also be lower than usual  therefore if you are not using a treatment plan its well worth looking at this. We would be pleased to help give us a call.

grass cut too short

If you want to know when you should be doing that first cut give us a call a lot will depend on grass types, soil composition, the site location, and nutrient levels.

We are always happy to provide FREE Quotes at The Grassman and happy to do one off’s or annual programmes.


So pick up the phone and be ahead of the game.


I See Snow


Banburyshire receives its first dusting of snow.

Is this the start of winter, should we all dash out and buy that sledge, get the logs in and start the hibernation process?

Its only 71 days until Easter I’ll be looking out for the Chocolate eggs on sale, not for me of course as I only started my new year’s resolution diet 15 days ago.

Keep warm and look out for those elderly neighbours who might need some help.

Loosing Pounds to make Pounds

Two Big Blokes  Charity Diet

DSC_0011 (2)

John Donaldson and Tim Tarby-Donald stepped on the scales to raise money for two local charities, Banbury Young Homelessness Project and Age UK Oxfordshire.

Follow their progress on facebook and twitter  @thegrassmans @BYHPTimTD

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Help them loose pounds and make £££££££££££££££££