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The first cut of the year


The first grass cut of the year

As the weather gets milder (ignore the slight snow storm across Oxfordshire last weekend) and Spring looks ever closer, it’s time to start thinking about the first grass cut of the year.

The winter was mild this year, and so your grass may be longer than it usually is at this important stage – but the principles of the first grass cut of the year are always the same – don’t cut too short, and don’t cut it if the grass is frozen.

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But how short is too short? A good rule of thumb is not to cut more than a third of the grass leaf length at any time – so if your grass is good and long (perhaps you left the last cut of the year at the usual time and the grass carried on growing because of the mild weather), then cut in stages – cut the top third, then the next third until your grass is the required length.

If you cut your grass too severely, you may find yourself suffering from grass die back and you will need to reseed and grow grass to fill in the bald spots.

It’s much better to take your time to get it right – ongoing, your lawn should be cut often (don’t be the neighbour that leaves it a month and then hacks away at the grass leaving bare patches!) If you mow your lawn regularly, the grass is plumper and leaves you with a lush green lawn – perfect for the summer, which is on the way now….


If you don’t have time to maintain your lawn regularly, maybe you’d like your weekends to be your own to enjoy with family and friends, then call John at the Grassman (01295 271712 or  0771 890 7672) and book in for your regular grass cut. We can cut your grass whilst you’re out at work, so that when you get in, you just enjoy it.