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John Donaldson

John 21/05/1957

I have lived in Banbury 30 years, moving here to construct Cherwell Edge Golf Club for the Local Authority, I was a third generation Green Keeper and worked on golf courses for over 25 years.

Grass is my passion and always has been.

I started The Grassman some 21 years ago and have worked all over Banburyshire mowing grass to my hearts content.

I have been Married to Paula since 1989 and have two lovely teenage daughters.

I Have also play a part in local politics over the last 12 years, currently as Lead Member for Housing for Cherwell District Council and also a Banbury Town Councillor (past Mayor 2006) So life is pretty busy.

As my business grows I have added several people to the team, each bringing their own unique talents and skills to the team.

Hobbies: I enjoy watching Motor sport and if I get a chance to watch TV it would be Syfi or the Big Bang Theory. Will play golf a few times a year only if the sun is shining, I am also involved with many local charities and voluntary organisation.

grassman website staff pictures sam wooton

Sam Wooton

Sam 16/07/1987

I Have lived in Banbury all of my life. I originally went and study Forestry but when I left college I found myself trying to fill a gap while I was working out what to do next. An unexpected door open with the Grassman to join the team and 12 years on with a little break in between for me to pursue a role in a forestry opportunity I’m still here working with the Grassman.

I also have an active involvement working on a farm in the winter months when the season comes to a slow.

Hobbies: Tractors Vintage & Classic and more recently have taken up road cycling (Note I’m only a fair weather Cyclist)  Other Likes: Listening to music, Food especially Cake, I also like to moan about the weather.

grassman website staff pictures carl slater

Carl Slater

Carl lives in Banbury with his partner and young family and is now in his third season with us. Another of our ex-greenkeepers Carl has a keen eye for detail and a keen interest in football

grassman website staff pictures douglas webb

Douglas Webb

Douglas has broad range of skills at his fingertips, as well as being one of our ex-greenkeepers he is a tree surgeon and undertakes all our fencing requirements


Neal Carter

Neal is our treatment expert and has been with us for several years now and is an accomplished  Golf Course Manager

Who What and Where

All About us

WHO WE ARE        

Grassman Logo FINAL 180710

The Grassman is a small Banbury base company. We are a team of 5 reliable and experienced people. With 4 of our team having worked as greenkeepers on golf courses and with over 50 years experience between us. You can be assured we know about grass.

The Grassman was established in 1995.

We work for a range clients, Domestic,Comercial,Industrial and Parish Councils, so whatever the scale of your needs we can cope.

The grassman has now established an excellent reputation for its work and customer service within the market place.

Our range of services has grown over time and we are now able to offer a comprehensive maintenance package to our clients.

We believe that it is not just what we deliver to our customers, but it is as important how that service is delivered.


We provide a range of services with an emphasis on lawn mowing and grass care. We are able to service you with lawn mowing as a one off or as programmed maintenance. Likewise if your lawn needs some expert care and attention, we are the people for you.

As we were being regularly asked about pressure washing of drives, patios and decking we decided to add this to our range of services, it just adds that finishing touch to a lovely garden.


Based in Banbury we work within a radius of 20 miles, so if you live in Culworth, Whitfield, Finmere, Ardley, Souldern, Deddington, Bloxham, South Newington, Hook Norton, Sibford, Edge Hill, Great Bourton or anywhere in between watch out for our vans.

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National Garden Scheme

National Garden Scheme

national garden scheme pic

It’s Summertime – you might have seen the little yellow signs and arrows dotting the roadside as the National Garden Scheme is in full flow and gardens are opening for visitors across the Country.

In Banbury, there are very few open gardens as part of this scheme, which is a shame, as there are some truly stunning gardens here.

There are some open gardens around Chacombe and Middleton Cheyney – but Banbury itself hasn’t really got involved.

We thought you might like to know a bit more about the open garden scheme – and that way, you might be more inclined to get involved in future years.

You don’t need to have a stately home and acres of land to open to the public – as long as your garden is interesting and well maintained, it will be of interest to others and could feature in the NGS Open Garden scheme.

Visitors to the gardens like to be able to speak to those who have been responsible for creating the gardens – so it’s useful to try to remember the names of any plants and flowers that you’ve planted.

Visitors also like to enjoy some refreshments whilst they are enjoying your garden, so if you are prepared to make a cup of tea or offer a slice of cake, that will be very much appreciated.

As the garden owner, you decide when you want to open – it may be once a year, it may be twice a year (to factor in seasonal changes within the garden) – it might only be on one afternoon, or it could be a longer period of time – it’s completely up to you.

For those that open their gardens, they find it great fun – and the warm glow you get from visitors complimenting you on your garden is fabulous and long lasting! It’s also a great way to spur you on to get those garden jobs done – if you’re expecting visitors, you’ll meet the self imposed deadlines!

If you are proud of your garden – (and why shouldn’t you be, if you’ve worked hard on it?) then you might consider becoming part of the NGS Scheme – which raises money for Charity each year. It is simple to get involved – a short application form and then a visit from one of the NGS team to see your garden – no tough interviews, no pitching to the Dragons Den…


More information can be found on the NGS Website – including details of the local gardens that are open this year –