Cutting hedges and nesting birds


As Spring is well and truly upon us, the birds and bees are getting busy, doing what nature intends.

Many of you will be enjoying watching garden birds feeding and gathering nesting materials – it’s one of nature’s wonders. You might be lucky enough to have birds nesting in your garden – sparrows, robins and blackbirds love nesting in the thick growth of a hedge or tree.


For this reason, you shouldn’t be tempted to cut your garden hedges in between March – August, as this is when the birds will be nesting and babies will hatch and then fledge. It is a criminal offence to intentionally take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built.

Even if you haven’t seen birds nesting in your hedges, you should images (6)still avoid cutting the hedges back.

Some birds nest in trees too – so additional care should be taken if tree work is needed. Where possible  – just avoid cutting any trees or hedges until late summer when the breeding season ends.


So, instead of doing those arduous garden jobs, why not sit back with a cuppa and a biscuit or perhaps a glass of wine and watch nature taking its’ course?

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