Hanging Baskets



Planting your hanging baskets

Now that Easter is out of the way, and the weather is (hopefully!) warming up a bit – it’s time to start thinking about planting our hanging baskets and garden planters.

This is one of the garden tasks that you can involve the whole family in, and can be relaxing and therapeutic too.

The Grassman team thought that we would share a couple of easy steps to making your hanging baskets look great – so get a cup of tea and read on.

What you will need ;

Hanging Baskets

Basket liners

Compost (Bedding plant compost is fine for these)

Plants – bedding and trailing plants needed – and colours to suit.


The first step is to get your basket and put the liners inside – there are a range of liners, felt, moss, plastic – choose which is preferable to you. (We’d always recommend the most natural liners – but beware that moss liners can sometimes be a target for nesting birds!)

If you place your baskets into a bucket (on a garden table) it makes it a little bit easier to work with – and saves you bending down.

Once the baskets are lined, you can put your compost in – don’t fill right to the top – leave around 2-3cms at the top of the basket.

Next is the fun bit – planting! Be careful not to overfill your baskets with plants – remember that each of those small plants you put into the basket needs some growing room – so it will be a couple of weeks before your baskets look ready – just in time for the summer, hopefully!

Start at the centre of the basket with a taller plant (begonia, geranium, gerbera etc) and then the trailing plants around the outside – you can mix these up – with combinations of trailing ivy and trailing lobelia for example – these are both prolific and will soon cover your basket liners!

Next fill in the middle gaps with colourful plants – Petunias are great as are verbena, but if you are unsure, just ask the staff at your local garden centre, and they will help you choose some plants that are suitable for your baskets.


Once all the planting is done, you’ll need to give the baskets a good drink of water. The baskets should then be watered once a day at least – and when the summer arrives, you should try to water them in the morning (before it gets too hot) and in the evening, once it has started to cool.

You can add water gel capsules to your baskets if you like – these will help to retain the water for when the plants need it – but if you are able to water them at regular intervals, they aren’t necessary.


We’d love to see how you get on with your baskets – so please share photos (in progress or in bloom) on our Facebook Page.